Sunday, November 18, 2012

This Blog has Moved!!

Attention all followers! First of all, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to follow my blog. I appreciate you all and I love to keep you updated on what I've been working on. :) I have officially moved to my new blog location:
Be sure to continue to follow my drawings, tips, recent client art, and updates there. Thanks so much, and spread the word!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Octopus with Surfboard T-shirt Design

Here's a great octopus with a surfboard t-shirt design. This art is available for purchase HERE.
It can be a great start or addition to your clothing line! Customize it with your brand name or other design elements.

Urban Rhino T-shirt Design

Here's a cool urban rhino t-shirt design. This art is available for purchase HERE.
It can be a great start or addition to your clothing line!

Cartoon Kid's Sign

I created this kid's check in sign for a church event. The client requested a specific children's book style and look for the safari animals. I also incorporated the African animals into a kid's passport as well.

MMA T-shirt Designs

This client was starting his clothing line. He needed a logo design and several MMA style t-shirt designs. He is based in Brazil, so I tried to incorporate aggressive animals and other imagery that is common to the country. I think these oversized prints should be big sellers.

Chef Supplies Cooking T-shirt Design

This client sells cooking knives and cutting boards, and wanted a cool t-shirt design to promote his business.

Football Team Cartoon Birds

A client requested t-shirt designs based on the birds of various football teams, created in a cartoon style similar to other "upset" birds out there. :)

Alien Logo Design

Here's 2 logo design for Alienwear Apparel. One has a cartoon alien punk rocker dude, the other has a more edgy alien skull.

Cartoon Lamb Gymnast

A blogger requested this cartoon lamb gymnast for a mascot for his blog. He's known as the 'Limber Lambda'. I'll be drawing this guy in various poses for him later on.

Lion and Lamb Tattoo Artwork

This cartoon lion and lamb were created for a tattoo design, one on each leg. The customer had a particular style he was looking for, and was very happy with the results.

Beaverr Valley T-shirt Design

It's that time of year again! The Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station has requested another t-shirt design. I always enjoy creating these shirts. Definitely one of my more unique requests. :)

George Washington T-shirt Design

Vintage, distressed George Washington riding his white horse. The client is planning on using this for a t-shirt design.

Gunslinger Skull T-shirt Design

Another T-shirt design for Fort Worth Outfitters. For this one, he wanted a cowboy skull gunslinger with two revolvers.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Motorcycle Club T-shirt Design

One color motorcycle club t-shirt design, using an engine and their club name. Basic but cool. Picking the right fonts can make a world of difference, especially on the simpler designs.

Football Characters for T-shirts

A good client of mine came back to me, wanting me to take a couple of the characters I created for him in the past, and place them in football uniforms. He has had a great deal of success with these characters and I'm sure the football style designs will be a big hit as well!

Eagles School T-shirt Design

This eagle mascot reading a book was created for a special reading club t-shirt, for an elementary school.

Mamacita Artwork

This "Mamacita" is for use on various products, such as purses, bags, clothing, and print. The client wanted the character to be wearing a traditional Mexican mantilla.

NARA Championship T-shirt Design

The North American Ring Association (NARA) were so pleased with last year's shirt design, that they came back to me this year to create the new t-shirt design. Here's how it turned out.

Team T-shirt Deisgn

This was a t-shirt design created for a team that was participating in a "Tough Mudder" type obstacle course event.

Firefighter Golf T-shirt Design

T-shirt design for a golf outing for firefighters. They wanted a mean moose skull in the design. Even though it's a simple 3 color design, they were ecstatic about how it turned out.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wildcat Mascot T-shirt Design

T-shirt design of a superhero style wildcat mascot. Created for a high school football team shirt.

Snowmobile T-shirt Design

Simple snowmobile t-shirt design for an Alaskan club.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vector Online Game Cartoon Characters- Concept Art

Here's a bunch of characters I conceptualized, created, and animated for an online educational math game for kids, grades 1st-6th (Sokikom- All the artwork is vector, imported into and animated in Flash. I had a lot of fun creating it and it's had a great response from the age bracket that plays the game. Love to hear what you guys think. 

(Goes without saying, all character and scenes are copyrighted by Sokikom)

Themed Isometric Game Lobbies

These are 4 isometric, themed game lobbies created for Sokikom's online elementary math video games. I created these based on the existing game themes, to match with those games and the isometric grid system that I was given. All the artwork was sketch first, then created as vector artwork in Illustrator.

Aztec Alien T-shirt Design

'Ancient Aliens' t-shirt design for a guy who's clothing line (Alienwear Apparel) specializes in Alien and UFO related t-shirts, products, and apparel.

One Less Politician T-shirt Designs

These are 2 more t-shirt designs for One Less Nemesis. These are for their political line: One Less Politician.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bullet Sneakers T-shirt Design

This client requested a cartoon bullet with specific sneakers on. It's for an urban pop culture clothing line.

T-shirt Designs

Here are 2 t-shirt designs for the clothing line: One Less Nemesis. They create a lot of pop culture "one less" designs. It's actually a neat, creative theme for their clothing line.

Dreos Games Logo

This is a logo design I created for Dreos Games, a new phone and tablet gaming company. The client wanted a very fun, happy husky puppy for the main focus of the logo. I am also working on all the characters, backgrounds, and assets for one of their games.

Web Blog Artwork Design

I was asked to create the look and feel of a website. I created all the illustrations, graphics, logo, and artwork for this website blog: Life in GreenLand. It has a fun, hand-drawn, stick figure cartoon style to it. The bottom image shows what the entire background illustration is.

Deer Skull Archery Design

Photoshop painted mean deer skull with the confederate flag and archery arrows, for Southern Draw Archery. The client will be using this design for t-shirts, window stickers, and as his new logo.

State Champs Basketball Design

Another basketball state champions t-shirt design. The coach wanted puzzle pieces incorporated somehow, to signify the connectedness of their team.

Vintage Style Cartoon Cowboy

This vector illustration of a vintage style cowboy, with his puppy, was created for use on baby shower invitations. It's a boy!

Contemporary Christian T-shirt Design

A contemporary, edgy Christian t-shirt design (front & back) for the Seek The Kingdom clothing line. It features broken chains, wings, a shield, and other modern elements.

Western Clothing Line T-shirt Designs & Logo

Here's a few more t-shirt designs and a company logo (bottom image) for Fort Worth Outfitters. The client looks for creative and edgy designs that will appeal to his cowboy market. Both the badge & revolvers, and the skeleton cowboy designs have already received a lot of popularity.